OPINION: Time to face imperfections and go makeup-free in public

When people look in mirrors, it is so easy for them to see their insecurities and flaws, such as imperfect skin. Blemishes can lead women to cover up with makeup in order to mask skin imperfections and give them security. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, up to 85 percent of people ages 18 to 24 suffer from minor acne. Therefore, most college students are dealing with the same struggle of pesky pimples that won’t seem to go away or keep popping up. The truth is, for some people, it never goes away without harsh prescriptions like Accutane.

According to Mayo Clinic, acne can happen due to a variety of reasons. These reasons include some things we cannot help very much such as hormones, excess oil production and clogged pores. Other factors to college students such as stress and certain dietary factors can trigger acne or make it worse. 

With all this, a lot of college-aged women feel the need to cover up with makeup in order to avoid the threat of judgment from others — real or imagined. Some women even feel as if they cannot leave the house without it. 

However, the effects of wearing makeup on a daily basis can cause damage to the skin. According to Bustle, it can clog pores or irritate skin, possibly leading to an even worse skin situation. In the worst-case scenario, makeup can lead to infections and even internal damage.

All this isn’t to say that makeup is never acceptable — sometimes it is fun to do and wear — but rather that it can be harmful to constantly wear, and isn’t even needed. The majority of college students have their skin struggles, and everyone is usually too wrapped up in their own lives to notice whether someone has some acne or not. 

That being said, no one should be afraid to show their natural skin to the entire world. No one is going to judge a person based on the status of their skin and whether it is completely clear or not. Plus, it can be an incredibly freeing and confidence-boosting experience to go out with absolutely no makeup on. 

Try to go out without makeup on just once and see what happens —  because it probably won’t be bad at all. Skin needs a vacation from makeup every once and a while, and it will probably be happy to get a break.

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Chelsea Mettler

Ditto, girl! I definitely agree with everything you said. There are so many girls/women who feel the need to wear makeup 24/7 and/or wash our hair every day so it's "perfect". I've watched bloggers who take on the challenge of either not wearing makeup or not washing their hair for a week, their view about themselves always changes...more positive outlook/being confident with their bodies. All these things that women deal with really mess up with how you view yourself or even how you view others who don't follow what society wants us to do (wear makeup/wash their hair every day etc). Thanks for writing this piece, hope others read it!

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