OPINION: Student musicians need to be given more support to show their talent

As an independent musician, I understand it can be incredibly difficult to make your music heard. SIUE students are fortunate to have such a wonderful school with a stellar music program. 

SIUE has an extensive schedule of events showcasing the vast amount of talent within the music department; however, students that pursue music as something other than a major unfortunately do not have the same opportunities on campus to showcase their musical talents. 

Most universities provide platforms for these students through multiple events on campus. Lindenwood University brings local bands to amp up events on campus. 

Some schools go so far as to assist local artists in opening for notable touring acts. A recent example would be the St. Louis local band After Wednesday opening for Nick Jonas on his college tour. 

It can be argued that we sometimes have a band play in the Goshen Lounge for occasional passersby, or that CAB has recently started to include a “Cougars Got Talent” event during Springfest. But these events are few and far between. 

Jacob Armbrecht, a junior computer science major and frontman of the local rock band The Telephone Junkies, of Springfield, Illinois,  feels that student music isn’t really supported by SIUE.

“The important thing is to let every type of genre have an opportunity. I really enjoy playing and listening to indie rock, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing we should try to get booked,” Armbrecht said. “There are extremely talented students who are invested in making rap, rock, jazz and country, but in my time at SIUE, I’ve never felt like student music was really supported by the institution or the student body to an extent.”

Perhaps CAB should invest some time and resources into creating a spring concert series or, at the very least, begin revamping the selection of artists performing in the Goshen Lounge to be more inclusive of other genres. 

CAB could turn these performances into more of a series of events, with food, and activities, rather than just passive performances. It is important that SIUE supports everyone equally.

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