OPINION: Skywalk Cafe is worth the walk

Hot chocolate from Kopplin's Cafe. (Tom Wallace/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)

Students aren’t keen to trek all the way across campus for some food, but Skywalk Cafe is a good investment.


Skywalk Cafe, located on the third-floor bridge between Alumni and Founders Hall, offers Italian food, sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks and more. Most of that is a rather typical for fast food places. That said, Skywalk shines with its unique offerings.


Skywalk is the only place on campus where you can get Bosco Sticks — a high school classic — which are essentially just breadsticks filled with cheese. Are they horrible for you? Probably. Does that make them taste any worse? Nope.


Skywalk’s sandwiches seriously set Sammiches to shame. There are fewer options than Sammiches, but similar prices and a better taste make these better. Also, the extras — such as lettuce, pickles and more —  tend to taste a little fresher. They’re also around the same price as Sammiches, so there isn’t much to hit the bank.


Skywalk also offers some delicious, healthier options as well. Their salads are the best on campus by far, especially the chicken caesar salad. The dressing is great, the lettuce is fresh, and it tastes great. There’s also great healthy yogurt there as well.


The prices at Skywalk are relatively low. A salad runs around $5, which is a great price when funds are running low. A McDonald’s caesar salad runs around the same price, while Subway tends to run from $6 - $7.50


Eating at the tables in the hallway by Skywalk are always worth it because of a great view. The view has been hindered lately due to construction, but on a nice sunny day — or a rainy day, if that’s a preference -- it’s incredibly peaceful to sit there and read a book while enjoying some great food.


The tables outside of skywalk are great for doing homework. It's the perfect spot to grab a snack, like Gatorade and yogurt, and then get to work.


The construction has made it a little more difficult to reach Skywalk. Students will have to loop through Alumni and walk up the stairs to reach Skywalk. Even though closed entrances had made getting there into an obstacle coursehas added some steps, this also helps burn some calories! So, the extra steps will make the Bosco Sticks totally worth it.


Unless you’re already in Alumni or Founders, it is a little rough to walk to Skywalk. It is completely out of the way for most people. Regardless, the food and decent prices make this a place to visit on campus.


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