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It can be hard for students to keep up with everything. Some of us attend school full-time and work multiple jobs just to keep our debt from building up quick- er. We don’t have absolute control over our circumstances, and it can be pretty hard just to get by. If you can’t keep up with it all, it’s not your fault. Planning can only account for so much. You might be able to do something about it though, if you know how to relax.

Even time that is set aside for relaxation gets spent on chores or emotional labor. The things we want to do when we can finally relax will turn into another checklist. We feel like we are not relaxing correctly. Then we get frustrated with ourselves for not knowing how to relax in a way that is rejuvenating enough to keep us on schedule with the impossible list of tasks various people expect us to perform.

There may not be a single easy solution to this problem, and what works for some people might not work for others. Many people meditate, smoke marijuana, and some people like to immerse themselves in a hobby, or even go on social media cleanses. It’s impossible to guarantee what will work for one person in particular, although it’s common knowledge that maintaining a healthy diet and good sleep schedule help.

While it might take quite a bit of trial and error when finding what helps you chill out, it is well worth it. Being able to relax makes it easier to perform other tasks as well, so it’s worth learning how to do it effectively.

However, relaxation is also its own end. It feels good when you do it. Relaxation does not need to be justified by being productive. Find what is relaxing to you and always make time for it, just as you probably make time to go to class, go to work or spend time with your partners.

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