OPINION: Every major is equal

One of the worst feelings I have experienced is when I have told someone my major  — art history — and gotten blank stares or asked what in the world I could possibly do with my degree. In some cases, that could people from pursuing degrees that are perhaps a little more unconventional than others.


Often, when people talk about college majors, they think of what will bring the most success, money or help the most people. For example, according to the Princeton Review, computer science, communications, political science, business, and economics are the top five best degrees to get. Psychology, biology and nursing are among the top ten.


In a university setting, such as SIUE, when people fall out of the norm when it comes to majors — such as art history, philosophy or foreign language — it is easy to fall into a pit as to whether or not you are doing the right thing. In fact, a lot of people probably think you aren’t going to be able to find a job once you leave college.


The reality of it is, though, that even if it isn’t preparing students for a particular career, such as being a nurse or an engineer, our degrees still teach us important skills. They teach us critical thinking skills as well as writing skills.


Furthermore, more or less, we need people from every major. There need to be college professors, actors and actresses for movies and plays, curators for museums and so much more. To say that there aren’t jobs for these people is unfair  — even if a job isn’t exactly in a graduate’s field of study, there are plenty of skills they can apply to a job.


Getting a college major doesn’t have to be straightforward, and people are allowed to chase their dreams.


All majors are created equal, even if it is different than other people’s and perhaps a little unorthodox. We are all here to learn, study and find our place in this world. There is no reason to look down on someone or question their major, as they have an equal ability to make waves in society as everyone else.


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Brayden Foster

I think everyone should be free to study what they please. My concern is when people decide to get a degree with very little application and then blame the system for being in debt and unable to find meaningful employment.

Larry Martinelli

They are all created equal until you graduate and and art major is working fast food and an engineer is making $65k.

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