Dunkin’ will be a slam dunk at SIUE

“America runs on Dunkin’,” and soon, SIUE students will run on it, too. 

I cannot contain my excitement with the recent news that a Dunkin’ will be built on campus soon. Dunkin’ donuts are amazing, plus, another place for coffee on campus has me thrilled.

The nearest Dunkin’ location is in Troy, Illinois, roughly 10 miles from campus.  For some students coming from a different direction, that location may be out of their way. Now that a Dunkin’ is being added to campus, a craving will be quenched.

Whether students want coffee or a nice donut for breakfast, having the option to grab either is great. There’s not a lot of variety for breakfast on campus currently, so having another place to turn to for food in the morning is necessary.

Another business on campus also opens up more jobs, giving SIUE students more job opportunites on the campus. 

Dunkin’, which will be in Lovejoy Library, will bring more traffic to the library, which is a great thing. Students cramming in the library will have quick access to food and coffee, which is a necessity for crazy study sessions. It’s closer for students coming from Peck, Alumni or Founder’s Hall. Starbucks and Kaldi’s are just in the MUC, but having something closer is fantastic.

It will likely cause the other locationsto be less crowded because  students will flock to a new location to grab a coffee.

Dunkin’ is a huge company and their website states that Dunkin’ has roughly 11,300 stores worldwide. With those numbers, people would have to love it. Another place on campus that provides good coffee will not only help SIUE students, but could also bring more students to campus.


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