“I didn’t realize anybody was fronting candidates yet. I don’t think either of the parties have had their caucus yet to pick. I think it will be pretty similar to last year. Republicans are probably going to rally behind Trump. I mean he has not been doing too bad, and honestly I think the Democrats will probably have the same issue. They have already got two dozen people that have announced that they want to run.”

“Depending, of course, on how the primaries go, my favorite candidate is Pete Buttigieg. I think he has some good positions. He is tentatively more moderate, so I think that he has some nice positions where he is willing to be progressive on certain issues. But then other issues, he is willing to open up to both sides of the aisle. He is not too afraid to talk to Republicans or Democrats. He wants to find a compromise that still moves people forward.”

“After the second democratic debate, I decided that I am going to vote for Joe Biden, because I feel like he did a great job as vice president, and I know he would do an even greater job at being president. I like his stances on different policies, so that’s part of it as well. I appreciate his policies on education.”

“I think it is important to examine their whole platform before voting to become more informed and keep up with the events, even though the political debates have become more about who is a bigger celebrity, focusing more about what they are saying rather than how they are saying it, because some people tend to go with the candidates that have a louder voice — where I like to see it as what are they actually going to do for society.”



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