OPINION: Big Mouth is more than just a silly cartoon; it teaches important lessons

At first glance, one may think that Big Mouth is nothing more than mindless entertainment. The show’s candid and brutally honest  nature brings to light important themes surrounding sex in our society.

The show follows a group of middle schoolers as they deal with the physical and emotional challenges that come with growing up. Nothing is off the table: abortion, depression, contraception, pillow-human relationships, you name it, Big Mouth has it.

Talking about topics that are considered taboo through comical means is what makes Big Mouth so riveting.

Take season one’s “Girls are Horny Too,” for example. While hopefully this is a no-brainer to college students, males are often who we think of having sexual desires. This can lead to people putting a female’s desires in the backseat. It takes at least two to tango, and all parties involved should be happy. Season two continues to discuss female fantasy and pleasure when it shows female pleasure as something solely for the woman.

The theme of female agency continues in “The Planned Parenthood Show.” This is perhaps the most popular episode from the show’s latest season. It dives into the world of contraceptives and all of the services that Planned Parenthood offers. 

Ironically, the girls in the class are teaching Coach Steve, the sex-ed teacher, and the other students about how the organization does more than just abortions. With our current political climate, this episode couldn’t have been more well-timed.

The fact that the kids are young does not mean that they are unrelatable. Just watch season two’s episode “The Dark Side of the Boob.” Sexual double standards run rampant through the school when the story of Nick and Gina’s make-out session gets out. Gina is deemed a slut, while the boys praise Nick. This concept is not foreign as we grow older.

In the episode “What is it About Boobs?” Hormone Monster Connie leads the girls on a journey of body positivity with the help of a catchy musical number. The girls go to a spa and women of every shape and size walk around naked without shame. The point is not that in order to love your body you have to walk around naked. This illustrates that women don’t have to define themselves in the terms of others. Each body is unique, and each body is beautiful.

All of these themes are ones that everyone needs to take to heart. Sometimes it takes a seemingly raunchy show to get through to us, and while there is surely some debate about whether or not this should be the case, Big Mouth is a step in the right direction. 

I’m not saying the show is the definition of perfection, as it leaves out some other important topics, but who knows what season three will bring? Either way, it is both entertaining and beneficial, so why not give it a try?

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