OPINON: SIUE's breaks are inadequate

A student taking 12 to 15 credit hours is expected to have anywhere from 35 to 45 hours dedicated to their school work. A full-time job expects around the same amount of commitment. Not only are students expected to dedicate 30-plus hours to schooling, but most also have one or two jobs that can add up to the same amount of time.


The pressure of school work, family obligations and other commitments is all put on students, yet they are still expected to perform at the highest level and meet all deadlines.


In a study conducted by New York University, it was found that six out of 10 students claim not to have finished their work on multiple occasions due to stress.


If we take 35 hours for one job, 35 hours for studying and classes, and eight hours a night for ideal sleep and subtract it from the 168 hours in a week, that leaves a student with only 50 hours left in a week. A student has 50 hours to eat three meals a day, socialize and most likely finish more homework. This example does not include student athletes, students that hold more than one job or students taking more than the normal course load.


Some universities have moved to allowing their students a break in hopes of keeping them less stressed and able to perform at the level asked of them. These breaks usually fall in mid-to-late October and are about a week long or slightly shorter.


It is my opinion that SIUE should look into offering this break, as well as giving the Monday after Easter off. Not only is Easter a very large holiday, but it is also very hard for those who live far from the University to go home and be back for morning classes on Monday.


SIUE can only be seen performing at the highest level from the outside if the students on the inside are given what they need to succeed.


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