We live in a time where things that may have once been taboo are now an everyday thing and most millennials are more accepting of change than older generations, especially when it comes to love.

People generally find their better half through common interests and similarities to themselves, such as race, origin, languages and social interest. For some, however, these similarities don’t matter when it comes to love and companionship. 

According to the growth of interracial relationships has become more pronounced since the 1960’s. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2000 data, the number of interracial marriages rose to slightly more than 3 million and comprised approximately 5.5 percent of all marriages. Interracial couples must accept their cultural differences. They should learn to accept and respect diverse cultural practices, and by doing so they can learn more about their partner’s background and lifestyle.

It  is important for couples to include the traditions and heritage of both sides of their partnership into their everyday lives, embracing symbols of each other’s cultures, visiting both sides of the family equally and celebrating both partner’s holidays and gatherings. This will strengthen their bond and help each partner love one another for who they are culturally. 

It’s also important to get to know the person outside of labels and perceptions. Not every black person loves chicken and rap music and not every white person likes to drink Natty Lite or lives on a farm.

Interracial couples should dig deeper than the surface when getting to know their partner and should be careful not to assume anything about their partner based on stereotypes.

Although our generation can be more accepting, it is still possible that people can receive disapproval from their nearest and dearest. One way to try to deal with this is to promote tolerance and understanding between all parties over the long term.

One reason people are against interracial relationships is because of ignorance and hatred that has been passed down over the years. These two things can coincide and feed off of each other. However, it’s important to educate those who are ignorant and show how to make the relationship work despite cultural differences. 

There may be a chance someone close to each partner disapproves of your relationship, but as long as there are people who understand the relationship is worth more than just the differences in race, then it’s okay if some don’t agree and it isn’t detrimental to the relationship if they don’t.

It’s also important to not be influenced by people with varying opinions, so ignoring public opinion is another important aspect to making an interracial relationship work.

It can be hard to deal with sideways glances and ignorant comments, but couples must be sure of themselves and confident in the success of their relationship, never being afraid to show their affection for each other when out in public and providing a united front.

What is really important is how both  partners feel and not those with opposing ideals.  

Lastly, they need to be proud of their  relationship and who they are dating. They need to  sure to understand their partner’s culture and educate those around them. Everyone is different; those in this position just have to work through differences couples of the same race may not need to, but what matters most is the quality they find in each other and understanding love knows no color.

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