New on campus, the Legacy program is a way for students who want to expand upon their leadership skills to get involved and grow. 

This program meets every two weeks and changes up the topics of discussion based on student needs. These activities and discussions usually revolve around topics such as leadership skills, communication, and involvement on campus. The program is designed to expand students’ resources pertaining to leadership.

Melinda Daniels, the facilitator for the program working through the Kimmel Student Involvement Center, said they went through a selective process to choose students who would fit well into a group model like Legacy.

“We had applicants submit their application earlier this semester, and then we conducted an interview process,” Daniels said. “And then we selected folks that we thought had previous leadership experience.”

While this program is open to every student who wants to get involved, registration to join will have to wait until next year, as they don’t accept applicants midway through their sessions. Daniels said they had some specific criteria they look for in applicants as well.

“We wanted folks that would be dedicated to this program, not with fear of someone starting the first couple,” Daniels said. “We wanted to make sure it was a group of folks that was dedicated to being a part of it.”

Students who want to get involved but find that they don’t have enough previous leadership experience to make it into Legacy have an alternate route they can take to still be involved, Daniels said.

“We’ve got a bunch of other programs,” Daniels said. “Emerging Leaders is a program that SIUE used to offer … brought it back completely refreshed. That’s for any beginning level leader. It’s an eight week long model as opposed to the full year.”

Josie Smith, a graduate biological science student, said that they like to keep all of their meetings fresh and interactive. 

Going forward into future years, they’re hoping to expand Legacy to more and more students.

“At our meeting, we focused on interactive introductions with the other members, going over expectations for the group, identifying our feedback partner,” Smith said. “And engaged in activities that rely on teamwork, trust, goal-setting and lots of creativity.”

While this is their first year starting this program, they expect it to expand and pick up more students in future years. Jared AuBuchon, a student administration graduate student working with the Student Leadership Council, thinks this was the perfect time for Legacy to start.

“With Legacy. this is a good year to start where we’re at because of all these new programs,” AuBuchon said, “and we’re hoping to expand with more numbers and what worked and what didn’t work and making sure they’re expanding their involvement. If you’re interested and have been involved with leadership, you can always apply next year.”

For more information regarding questions about the Legacy program, email questions to

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