Leadership orientation expands to club sports

SIUE is hosting their annual Student Organization Leadership Orientation event at 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21 in the Meridian Ballroom.

SOLO is an annual event hosted by the Kimmel Student Involvement Center that requires every student organization to send representatives to learn additional skills about leadership and involvement.

SOLO is mandatory for all student organizations and employs many different workshops and social activities for these organizations to network and grow together.

Joe Simpson, a senior who’s attended SOLO in previous years, said it’s up to each organization to choose their representatives.

“Usually they [student organizations] just send their president and one other representative,” Simpson said, “But it’s really up to them to choose who gets to go.”

Sara Laux, assistant director of the Kimmel Student Involvement Center and one of the hosts of SOLO, said they try and keep it fresh and new every year.

“The topics aren’t always the same, and the format isn’t always the same,” Laux said, “In the past year or so we’ve tried looking closely at what students are asking for.”

While in previous years SOLO only hosted student organizations, Laux said this year they’re adding additional groups to the pool of networking.

“This year, we are incorporating club sports into SOLO because typically club sports has done a separate, similar training, so now we’re overlapping it in a way,” Laux said. “We’re excited to bring them in to provide them with additional networking opportunities.”

One of the newest changes they’re making to their seminars this year is incorporating round tables where different organizations can meet and talk with each other for additional ideas on how to build their organizations up.

“It was pretty successful last year, the idea of round tables, so we added it in as a time block for everyone to participate in,” Laux said.

While SOLO is specifically tailored toward student organizations, Laux said she wants to make sure everyone has equal access to it regardless of affiliation.

“If students are looking for additional leadership or networking opportunities with other student organizations, they don’t have to be affiliated with any organization,” Laux said. “If you’re interested in participating not through an organization, we definitely encourage that.”

Adejoke Adanri, a junior with the public relations organization PRSSA, thinks SOLO will be a great opportunity for her organization to expand.

“From participating, we will be able to get our name out there on campus and potentially collaborate with other organizations for service opportunities and projects. It will help improve leadership by allowing us to network with other student leaders,” Adanri said.

For information on registration or further questions about SOLO, visit their website https://www.siue.edu/kimmel/solo.shtml

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