Staff Senate announces unofficial election results

New members now have the opportunity to represent the Civil Service and Administrative Staff of SIUE. The positions start their term July 1, 2019.

The Staff Senate advises and assists the chancellor in solving issues and the forming policies, and they work with the Director of Human Resources to develop and initiate more effective personnel policies, procedures and programs.

The unofficial results for the Staff Senate include the four members who filled the Civil Service: Negotiated and Prevailing classification seats. They are Police Sergeant Mark Ferrell, Facilities Management electrician Jan Caban, Morris University Center building service worker Anthony Fearon and School of Pharmacy office support specialist Denyse Anderson.

The Civil Service: Open Range/Confidential, Managerial and Supervisor Exclusions classification seats are filled by office manager in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration Anne Cavanaugh and intramural recreation coordinator for Campus Recreation Lucas Wilson.

One open seat was filled for the Administrative Staff: Represented classification by member coordinator in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Darryl Cherry.

The Administrative Staff: Non-Represented classification seats were filled by Assistant Director of Student Services in the School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Angela White and Assistant Director of Residence Life for First-Year Communities in University Housing Domonique Crosby.

Lastly, for the East St. Louis campus, one seat was filled for either the Civil Service: negotiated and Prevailing or the Administrative Staff: Represented classification by member Dental Clinic Clerk II - Clinical Jennifer Zurliene. The Alton campus did not fill their seat due lack of submission from eligible candidates.

Elections started April 3 at 12 p.m. and closed on April 10 at 6 p.m. Ballots were sent to eligible employees who voted for candidates in their university constituency group.

Staff Senate president-elect and honors program academic adviser Ian Toberman said the employees who received the most votes for each classification were elected to the Staff Senate.

“It’s plurality, so it depends on the race,” Toberman said. “We had one race where there were six candidates and the top four candidates would win. They could have won with four, three, two and one vote, just as long as they had the most votes out of anyone in the actual election.”

The elections were conducted electronically using Qualtrics to automatically tally the votes. The results were reviewed April 12 by the Chief Election Officer and the chair of the Election and Operations Committee. The University Governance secretary acted as witness.

Toberman said this year’s election had more voters than previous years.

“The race for the Civil Service: Open Range had three candidates and the Negotiating and Prevailing classification we had six candidates, and those had more voters than the election last year and past elections that we can remember,” Toberman said. “For the Negotiating and Prevailing classification we had 124 voters, and for the Open Range classification we had 85 voters.”

Due to Staff Senate bylaws, the official results won’t be announced until they are approved by the Senate.

“Our bylaws say that, essentially, the Senate body itself accepts a final report from the Chief Elections Officer, and that’s when they are confirmed as final,” Toberman said.

Those elected to the Staff Senate serve a four-year term. For more information, students, faculty and staff can visit the Staff Senate website. The official results will be posted in May.


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