Future Pharmacist explores what lies ahead after graduation

Year four school of pharmacy commencement speaker Sonja Bromann.

Many students graduating this May are going through the same crises — wondering what’s next for them. Fourth-year pharmacy student Sonja Bromann, of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, will speak at commencement with a speech focusing on “Where do we go from here?”

According to Bromann, students in the School of Pharmacy nominate and vote on their classmates to determine who will be the speaker at their graduation.

Bromann said being chosen by her peers was an honor.

“We’re going in a lot of different directions; you can go into a hospital, a community setting, or in a clinic. What’s most important, in my opinion, is the way in which we do our jobs — the way in which we practice,” Bromann said.

One of Bromann’s peers, Maggie Clark, a fellow pharmacy student, said Bromann is the exact person students would want representing their class.

“She’s very involved and truly knows a little something about everyone in our class. She is a great classmate and great friend,” Clark said.

Bromann not only made an impact on her peers but also her professors. Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology Beth Cady got to know Bromann during Bromann’s last year of pharmacy school clinical rotations.

Cady said one of Bromann’s biggest strengths is her communication skills.

“Sonja is heads above the rest. Her communication skills alone, either when she’s working with professional healthcare providers, or she’s working with patients, or she’s talking to other students, her communication skills are outstanding,” Cady said.

Bromann said she will be focusing on how students can perform their duties moving forward.

Bromann attended the University of Illinois for her undergraduate studies and moved on to SIUE, where she came for doctorate studies in Pharmacy.

“My time at SIUE has been really welcoming, really inclusive. I’ve found most folks to be extremely friendly and students that I’ve met here are diligent and focused and are really well-rounded,” Bromann said.

Bromann chose SIUE for graduate school because she feels pharmacists are needed in rural communities at this time.

“Being on campus in Southern Illinois, in Edwardsville, we get to touch so many small communities in the area that really need help. I think that learning in that type of environment makes you a lot more cognizant of the community and the population that we’ll end up serving,” Bromann said.

After graduation, Bromann will be a full-time pharmacist with Meijer Pharmacy, a grocery store chain that provides pharmacy care. She will be serving the areas of Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign, Urbana and Danville, Illinois.


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