Reconfiguration of Wi-Fi systems in Evergreen

Campus officials installed new Wi-Fi systems in Evergreen Hall to help students’ gaming systems and smart TVs have faster internet.  

According to Director of Network and Systems Infrastructure Daniel Chace, the system has been reconfigured, rather than replaced, to accommodate more devices.

“This system makes it easier, or actually enables residents to connect more devices,” Chace said.

The system was installed mainly because students were having issues connecting their gaming consoles, Roku, Fire TV Sticks and smart TVs to the previous system.

According to Director of Housing Michael Schultz, before the new system, students would have to register their devices at the ITS Help Desk and then, within a few days, they would be authorized to use on the network.

“This will be a lot easier and will help students’ experiences here. One example of this is on move-in day, people come, and parents want to help get everything set up on the network, and we weren’t able to do that. Now, students that have coaxial cables connect in and are able to do that, but this gives them another option that parents can feel like they are getting their son or daughter hooked in right away,” Schultz said.

According to Chace, although the decision to install the system in Evergreen was random, the university will install it in each residence hall in the near future.

“We’ve had increasing requests to connect things to the Wi-Fi rather than the wired jacks, so it was just a reconfiguration to make a simple change that makes more things work,” Chace said.

According to Schultz, housing and ITS are constantly updating the Wi-Fi, which comes out of the technology fees students pay to reach the growing amount of students.

“We have a contract with cable TV through Spectrum that comes through the coaxial cable. Well, now you’ll be able to stream TV through the streaming site on our website,” Schultz said.

Along with cable TV, the school has a contract with Swank Motion Pictures which provides students with newly-released movies.

Sophomore political science and history major Katy Canum, of Springfield, Illinois, lives in Evergreen and has both Roku and a smart TV. Canum has used the new system and has seen the effects already.

“I love the fact that they’re allowing people to set up easier because, when I first tried to use it, it was an absolute pain. So I just gave up. This will be super helpful in the long run,” Canum said.

According to Schultz, new carpet has been put into Woodland Hall, and updates were made to the Deluxe Suite Bedrooms.

Students can register for the new Wi-Fi system on the ITS website.

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