Students fall short in IEEE conference

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Green Technologies Conference was created to address the challenges of providing sustainable and environmentally responsible energy.  

The 11th Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference encouraged industrial collaborators to address these challenges.

In the Saint Louis Section Black Box competition, three SIUE students placed first and third. In IEEE Green Technologies, SIUE did not place in the top three. Placements have yet to be announced.  

Senior mechatronics and robotics engineering major Shawn Gilles, of Troy, Illinois, said he and his teammate engineering major Jelani Hurtault, of Charleston, Illinois, worked together in the ethics competition.

Groups of two are able to utilize computers to read over case reports involving hypothetical situations regarding a company and engineering. The teams have to use the IEEE code of ethics to determine what the best solution is.

“I really enjoy getting to meet other people who have the same background with electrical engineering and traveling places is also enjoyable,” Gilles said.

According to IEEE, their conference’s theme this year was Geaux Green.

The goal was to increase efficiency and improve the quality of life by creating systems that reduce costs and improve services through connectivity and automation.

Teams are required to incorporate techniques such as sensing analytics and leveraging the complementary technologies of the internet of things, wireless and virtualization to find reliable solutions.

Gillies said he enjoys competing in IEEE competitions to challenge himself.

“Being able to tackle something that may be a little bit scary at first, I think it is enjoyable at the end because you really have to work hard and sort things out and figure out ‘how can I put together an effective presentation in this example, and how can I best succeed?’” Gilles said.


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