Several route and service changes to the Edwardsville area were approved at Madison County Transit’s monthly Board of trustees meeting. Changes are coming in August 2019.


Currently, trips from Hairpin Drive to Cougar Village run hourly and only six days a week, not providing service on Sundays. Starting in August, on weekdays this route will run every 10 minutes starting at 7 a.m. and intervals will begin to lengthen starting at 7 p.m. 


Fridays and Saturdays will continue to have service, but MCT will also be providing service on Sundays and through breaks beginning in August.


SIUE and MCT Director of Marketing and Planning S.J. Morrison partnered in January 2019 to create a survey that preceded these changes. This survey addressed all students and asked where students lived, how they travel and to what kind of places they would like to go.


“There was a 9 percent response,” Morrison said. “That is intensely high.” 


Due to the response, MCT was able to make these changes. All on-campus routes will continue to be free to SIUE students, but beginning in August, MCT will be adding more off-campus options.


In addition to the increase in frequency for the No. 17 Cougar Shuttle, they will also be adding a new route, the #22 University Shuttle. The No. 22 shuttle will provide rides to many off-campus apartments. It also runs through downtown Edwardsville and Esic, an area where many students live.


“The target is all SIUE students,” Morrison said in regards to the target demographic.


MCT has also created an app in which students can buy their passes and not have to worry about losing them. Passes will always be digitally available. For more information on the mobile ticketing, visit


In the wake of these changes, many current and incoming SIUE students need to be informed. 


“They didn’t give me much in the way of help [at Springboard],” Alex Puhse said, freshman and secondary education major of Granite City, Illinois.


Other members of the surrounding communities who regularly use MCT, however, may also find the changes affect them.


“I think it’s wonderful that they’re extending it to Sunday.” sophomore radio broadcasting major at Lewis & Clark Community College and Granite City resident, Sabrina Earls said.”It’s definitely going to be more convenient and easier to get around on a day when it’s difficult to get around.”

For further information or a digital copy of these changes, visit or contact their dispatch at 618-797-4600.

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