Earlier this summer, SIUE’s campus Starbucks closed for renovations. Besides the interior, there have been changes to outdoor seating, the menu and more. 

It is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the first week of school, and will resume regular business hours next week.

This summer, if a student wanted a coffee or tea on campus, they had to find an alternative to Starbucks. Students could be seen in Union Station picking up glass frappuccinos or heading to Kaldi’s in the Student Success Center.

Kaldi’s was expected to pick up a lot of the business from Starbucks’ closure, going so far as to extend their hours. However, students continued to wait for Starbucks to reopen, as questions over what the renovation would entail continued. 

Kaldi’s employee Victoria Cretton said Kaldi’s will continue to have extended openings, at least for the time being.

“Because [Starbucks] has had to have soft openings, right now, Kaldi’s will be open longer,” Cretton said.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jeffrey Waple gave some clarity as to what the renovated Starbucks will offer and some of the layout changes. 

“By [the] contract that we have with Starbucks, every three to four years we have to update and renovate the facility,” Waple said.

Prior to the redesign, the Starbucks had lower lighting and people would place their orders near the Goshen Lounge. 

Waple said the new interior is brighter and even the queue has changed.

“If you’ve seen it, it’s very light in there now. It’s different wood and different seating,” Waple said. “And the line is going to be queued differently. Where students used to pick up their product, is now where you will order, and the line will kind of come in through the Goshen Lounge. And you will come back towards Goshen Lounge to pick your product up.”

This means that the line is accessible from the doors near the Goshen Lounge; however, it does wrap around closer to the door facing Rendleman. This change appears to be in hopes of easing traffic and keeping lines contained within the establishment.

Sophomore biology student Lauren Austin, of Naperville, Illinois, is a returning student employee at Starbucks. She has some concerns about the remodel.

“I feel like it’s going to get a lot of congestion towards the inside door,” Austin said. “People congregate wherever they get their drinks. And I guess by having it towards the door, people may not be able to get in because other people are going to be trying to get their food, drinks and everything.”

 Waple also touched on the menu changes and confirmed the extended menu.

“There’s some new coffees going in there,” Waple said. “There’s a new nitro coffee, which is pretty strong from what I hear. It’s pretty dark and pretty heavy. And it’ll be a full-service Starbucks. So we’ll be doing the breakfast sandwiches, the lunch sandwiches, and the dinner sandwiches.”

According to Starbucks’ Company Profile, a full menu includes more than 30 blends of coffee on top of pastry and food products. 

Unlike some Starbucks locations, there will not be mobile ordering, according to Waple.

With the expanded menu, students can order any order they would at another full-service location. 

Students with questions about the menu should stop into the location or checkout Starbucks’ online menu at

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