As campaigning comes to a close, Student Government has come out of its 2019 election with multiple write-ins and unfilled spots. 

The results are in, and the votes are tallied for unofficial results, revealing the new representatives for SIUE Student Government. Sophomore Jacob Graham has replaced Mackenzie Rogers as student body president and junior Matt Butler has been elected vice president, following senior Sadie Spears. 

In 2019, Elizabeth Loftus will serve as Senator for The School of Education, Health and Human Behavior, Mackenzie Rogers as Student Trustee, Christopher Malone Jr. as Senator of College of Arts and Sciences Arts and Communication, James Beverly III as Senator of CAS Sciences and Math; other positions are being picked between multiple candidates and write-ins.

According to Kimmel Office Support Specialist Robin Ermer, out of the total 1,126 students that cast votes in the election, many chose write-ins for positions. The School of Business and School of Dental Medicine senatorial spots lacked candidates for the election, leaving two candidates — Tyler Stewart and Jacob Perez — as the written-in candidates for the school. 

The senator of the School of Dental Medicine will be split between two votes for two write-in candidates. Three-fourths of 133 votes for the School of Business highlighted its two write-in candidates.  

For the School of Dental Medicine, if one of two write-ins do not accept their election, Student Government will publicly open an application for students to fill the seat, with a vetting process for candidates. 

Student Government is taking open applications to the student body requesting representatives for the CAS - People and Culture senatorial spot, as no candidates were given for election, and no write-ins received. 

All applications have a deadline of Friday, April 14, 2019.

Standing members like Rogers and Butler received overwhelming support from those who voted. While their positions have been shuffled around, the incumbents will most likely be aided by write-in candidates for two key positions.

Student Government’s unofficial results can be found at:

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