FSL creates new position to enhance Greek Life

Sophomore nursing major Shane McKenzie, right, of Quincy, Illinois and freshman nursing major Justin Gill, left, of Franklin, Illinois relax between classes in the Kimmel center. Both students belong to Alpha Kappa Lambda's chapter at SIUE.

In an email sent to SIUE fraternity and sorority members and advisers, Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Tyler Manning announced Kimmel Student Involvement Center was given permission to hire a Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life.  

Members of FSL on campus are awaiting the arrival of the new position, which was just announced on Feb. 20.

According to Manning, FSL is provided direct advisement from one full-time staff member and two graduate assistants.

The Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life was created to enhance the support the Kimmel Student Involvement Center is able to provide to fraternities and sororities. This position will work directly with the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the United Greek Council.

“The coordinator position helps to address the growing community as the Kimmel Student Involvement Center continued to see more students joining the fraternity and sorority experience at SIUE,“ Manning said.

“I think it is really good that they’re gonna have someone that can just focus on us because these two councils have completely different needs and concerns than the needs and concerns of the other two councils,” UGC President Garrett Yadro, a senior nursing major from West Frankfort, Illinois, said.  

Manning said that among higher education qualifications, it is also preferred that candidates have had some affiliation with UGC or NPHC organizations as well as one to two years of experience with Greek Life organizations. FSL is hoping to have the position filled by July 1.  

“I am very excited for this position and honored to serve in it. One of my main goals is to increase the presence of Greek Life on campus. I want to expand the FSL community so we can have a bigger impact on the school and community,” Interfraternity Council President Cole Egland, from O’Fallon, Illinois, said.

“We are small and we need more direction right now because of that, so I think it’ll be really good that someone will come in new, fresh, with new ideas of how to support us and how the two councils can support each other,” Yadro said.  

Since this position is at the beginning stages of its search, there are no plans in place for risk-management or community initiatives.  

According to Manning, the position will oversee risk-management programming which could entail hazing prevention and alcohol management. They will also  supervise philanthropic programming and community service.

“This position will also provide and plan diversity, inclusion and cultural competency programming for our fraternity and sorority members. Based on this programming component, I believe this position will have a strong partnership with the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion,” Manning said.  

“I think my biggest thing is that I would never want UGC or NPHC to die down because that’s where SIUE’s multicultural life comes in. It’s gonna be good because it will give us a bigger face on campus and we can reach out to more minorities if we have that support. If we have that support from the person who is going to help us, it will allow us to not focus on just trying to run a council but it will allow us to focus on what a council is really for,” Yadro said.  

According to Manning, FSL is in the process of launching an assessment for the fraternities and sororities at SIUE. The organization is also adding a new IFC fraternity to campus, beginning in Fall 2019.

An NPHC fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., has been meeting with FSL representatives on campus to reestablish the Zeta Pi chapter.  


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