Brief: Lockett reelected to Board of Trustees

Brione Lockett

Carbondale student trustee Brione Lockett will return to the board for a second term, providing a familiar face among many new appointments after the election results were announced April 17.

Lockett said he will continue practicing transparency and honesty throughout his second term as an advocate for diversity.

“When there [were] the interim chancellor conversation and all these other appointments, my point [was] some of these white men stay in power because they have friends and those are the first people they reach out to,” Lockett said. “Parts of the system like to always say that there’s a very small pool of diverse candidates, but each part of the system graduates a good chunk of diverse students, so it makes no sense to me, and our alumni are diverse, and what not. So, I don’t have time for that excuse that parts of the system employ.”

Board of Trustees Chair Phil Gilbert said he finds value in Lockett as he understands issues impacting both Edwardsville and Carbondale, not just those of his home campus.

“Brione, who has been on the Edwardsville campus quite a bit, understands some of the issues on the Edwardsville campus,” Gilbert said. “He represents the Carbondale students, but I think he also takes a global view of his responsibilities as a board of trustees member.”

SIUE student trustee Molly Smith also saw value in this quality, as currently only one student trustee is granted a vote on the board.

Smith said Lockett would consult her about voting matters, especially those that would heavily impact SIUE students.

“If it was something that really affected Edwardsville students, Brione would ask me in a heartbeat what I thought because he is the voting student,” Smith said.

Unlike SIUE’s student trustee election, Carbondale candidates must first get 200 signatures on an election petition to be put on the ballot.

Lockett’s second term will begin July 1, the same date that student trustee-elect

Mackenzie Rogers will begin her term as SIUE’s student trustee.


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