After serving as a member of the University Housing staff since 2008, Mallory Sidarous was officially appointed director for University Housing after acting as interim director for six months. 

Sidarous assumed the position Jan. 2 and replaced her predecessor, Michael Schultz, who retired in May 2019 after serving 30 years as director. 

Now as the director for University Housing, Sidarous said she is excited about what is to come for the department and the changes and updates within Housing for students as well. 

Since being in the role, Sidarous has been able to make the necessary changes and improvements within University Housing to enrich the experience of students choosing to live on campus. In Bluff Hall, an esports arena will be opening this semester. The opening of this arena has been a collaboration with other campus partners, including Student Affairs and the Chancellor’s Office. 

Sidarous said this project was imperative to meet the needs of students to have space to come together in the housing community.

“Opening this arena was needed to meet a growing need for students to have that gaming space, and we are excited that we are going to be able to offer that in a housing area,” Sidarous said. “This level of engagement will provide students interested in gaming a space to play and practice, for both residents and non-residents.” 

After listening to what students had to say about improvements they preferred to see within Housing, Sidarous has been responsible for making several updates possible, including renovations to Woodland Hall. The residence hall is receiving new flooring and furniture on three floors and will be completed in the fall semester.

Sidarous said she is looking forward to constantly improving the way University Housing provides students with a unique experience in an effort to bring students together as a community and make them feel like SIUE can be their home away from home. 

Sidarous also said she is excited about the new upcoming housing options in Cougar Village that will allow students the choice of deluxe apartments for one person.

“My goal now as director for University Housing is to make the experience better for students because they bring the SIUE community together, and being a part of that and seeing all of our goals and plans come to fruition is the best part about my job,” Sidarous said. “It has been exciting being a part of the experience that makes the SIUE campus a growing one.” 

Miriam Roccia, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs, says since Sidarous served as interim and now as permanent director of University Housing, she has seen her grow both professionally and personally. 

“Mallory has really brought to the department this approach of caring, creative and collaborative spirit,”  Roccia said. “She has grown personally in the role by diving into the areas that were not her expertise in the past, and really attempting to learn and do everything she could to key in and learn as much about the facilities component of University Housing and the residence life component. She has done a great job at listening and learning from staff and students to be more impactful for the student experience.” 

Among the many things Sidarous has learned so far in her role, she said she appreciates the engagement experience among both faculty and students.

“The director has a really unique opportunity and chance to work with students and staff in all areas of the department, and among other things, I’ve really enjoyed getting to expand my exposure and my time spent with staff in different capacities,” Sidarous said. “Being able to have a closer look at what people are doing, the impact they are making and seeing what they’re excited about has been rewarding.”

Sidarous can be contacted at 618-650-0546 or

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