The Headphone Jack: Songs everybody should know

When writing this, I faced a bit of a conundrum: because music is so personal to me, do I really want everybody knowing the songs I’m listening to on repeat? Well, these songs are just so iconic that I can’t keep quiet. Here’s a playlist of songs I’m loving;  some are recent discoveries, while others I’ve known about forever but never get tired of. 


“Chicago Summertime” by The North and Wells Band 


As we enter cuffing season, I feel like this song is a must. The jazzy up-tempo of the song is basically a sweet rejection — the singer is not ready to jump into anything too serious in the summer, but now that November is rolling around, we are all looking for someone to cozy up next to. Guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most glum of faces, “Chicago Summertime” melts hearts with its sunny demeanor. 


“What’s It Gonna Be (Acoustic)” by Arlissa 


Ahh, this woman can sing! And sing she does! Arlissa pours her heart out in every song and hits where it hurts. “What’s It Gonna Be” is more upbeat, however, it still packs a powerful punch. Everybody has gone through the stage of not knowing when seeing somebody new, and like myself, Arlissa is sick of waiting around. The pure honesty in this song combined with some powerhouse vocals makes it one that everybody should know — even if we can’t come close to hitting those high notes. 


“Dirty AF1s” by 

Alexander 23


Warning: this song will bring some feelings, maybe some that have been repressed for awhile. It shows how much life changes after a breakup: enjoyed activities now have new meanings, clothes come with attachments, ugh. What makes the song so special is it’s so smooth, it can be enjoyed on a calm fall night, and then can be listened to closely when a good cry is needed. 

“Almost (Sweet 

Music)” by Hozier 


I didn’t believe in soul mates until I saw Hozier in concert a few years ago at LouFest. To be honest, I didn’t know much more than “Take Me to Church” at that time, but as soon as he came on stage, I knew he was not just going to be another one-hit wonder. He came back to St. Louis this summer, this time with a brand new album under his belt. “Almost (Sweet Music)” is tied with “Nobody” for the best of the Wasteland, Baby! Album, but “Almost” makes this list in that it is literally iconic in every sense — Hozier alludes to several great musicians all while making a ballad of his own. 


“Floors” by Abhi 

the Nomad 


I have yet to find a rational human who does not like Abhi the Nomad. Not everybody adores him as much as I do, but I have not heard a single negative comment about his music. No two songs of his sound the same, guaranteeing one can find at least one bop to vibe to. “Floors” is a personal favorite of mine — it’s the perfect power through for a long day in the office or something to turn on when cruising with my friends. And if you want more Abhi, don’t fear, I’m sure he will be making his way onto future Headphone Jacks. 


“Fallingwater” by 

Maggie Rogers


Maggie Rogers is nothing less than a goddess, and this song shows exactly what I mean. The lyrics almost sound like an apology to a lover, as Rogers is telling them she couldn’t — or didn’t — give them all they needed. However, to me, it’s something to listen to when I feel over my head in any situation in life. Really, anything by Rogers needs to be heard, but if we had to pick her most iconic song, “Fallingwater” takes command. 


“Glamour Child” by Moonrise Nation 


“Glamour Child” is the perfect song to pair with Maggie Rogers because it keeps up that almost spiritual vibe. This song has been way too relatable for me lately, wanting somebody who rational Maddi knows is no good, missing somebody just being there. Apart from the build ups and downs, the song brings it all in with the lyric “I want you/ if not to have to hold.” Ouch.

“Silver Lining” by 

Mt. Joy 


Attention fans of The Lumineers: Mt. Joy will be touring with the popular indie-folk band! While I honestly don’t vibe with all of Mt. Joy’s tunes, “Silver Lining” and “Jenny Jenkins” are solid — and will always be. “Silver Lining” combines dark parts of life with a catchy, upbeat tune that guarantees a sing-along car session, or just something to have on when bopping in the shower. 


I tried to put a good mix of moods on here, but as the stress of midterms is in full swing and the sun is even more reclusive, obviously some mellow, somewhat-glum songs are going to end up on here. No matter what, everyone is bound to find at least one song in this compilation that they find worth adding as favorites on Spotify — hopefully more than one. 

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