'The Incredibles' sequel finds success after 14-year wait

A scene from the "The Incredibles 2." (Disney-Pixar/TNS)

After an extremely long wait, “The Incredibles 2” has finally been released, and it did not disappoint.

The sequel picks up right where the original left off, and shows a new journey that the charismatic super-family goes through in the aftermath of the events in “The Incredibles.”

Although the story is fairly shallow, the fun characters and new ideas brought to the franchise are enough to make the film work well as a sequel.

As expected from a Pixar movie (and because of the 14-year wait), the animation is top-notch and is the most mind-blowing part of the movie. There are many more possibilities with animated superhero movies than live action ones, and “The Incredibles 2” takes full advantage of that.

Many of the action scenes are very well-choreographed and flow well within the story.

Where the film is lacking, however, is the basic and predictable plot. Essentially, in an effort to make superheroes legal, Elastigirl (the mom of the family voiced by Holly Hunter) is sent out on missions by the CEO of a large corporation trying to make superheroes look trustworthy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig Nelson) is forced to stay at home and watch their three kids, including their toddler who is starting to gain his powers — which leads to some truly hilarious scenes with the previously undeveloped baby.

During her missions, Elastigirl runs into a somewhat uninteresting villain that uses screens to hypnotize people. Nearly the entire film follows this basic structure and concludes with a predictable ending where the family must come together to stop the villain.

Although it attempts to develop these main characters more, they ultimately remain static throughout the film, so don’t go into it expecting to get any deep or meaningful message like some other Pixar movies offer. It is simply a fun adventure about a super family and nothing more.

For the most part, this works. However, there is still some development that would have been nice to see play out after the characters were already established in the original. It would have been nice to see more from fan favorites like Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna (voiced by director Brad Bird).

Despite its flaws, “The Incredibles 2” is still definitely a worthy sequel. It was a much needed break from the constant stream of Marvel and DC movies being released, and the action scenes all felt much more fresh than anything we have seen before.

It was also enjoyable to see the film cater to so many different audiences. Adults who watched the original as children will definitely feel the nostalgia from these beloved characters after waiting 14 years, and the newest generation of kids will surely enjoy it as well.

Even parents who are forced to the theater with their children should be pleasantly surprised with how amusing the film is.

Unsurprisingly, Pixar’s record has remained nearly untarnished, and it seems that will not change in the future. “The Incredibles 2” once again proves that the producers at Pixar are masters of their craft, and nearly every film they put out, regardless of relevance, is bound to be a hit.

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