Delta Tau Delta recruits founding fathers during first semester on campus

The crest of Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity.

As the newest addition to Greek life on campus, Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity kicked off the fall semester by connecting with SIUE students.

Since being approved to join campus, Delta Tau Delta has entered into their first semester of formal recruitment. The organization has already attracted interest from some students. Of those interested students, several have already signed their bids to become founding fathers.

Among the current founding fathers is junior biology and biochemistry major Zebediah Campbell, of Taylorville, Illinois. Campbell said he decided to join because of his desire to impact his community and encouragement from friends.

“I really liked the idea of being able to help shape the community and leave a legacy and make an impact on their lives,” Campbell said. “I’ve always wanted that sense of brotherhood. All of my sorority friends said I should do it and that I’d love it, so I did it.”

Sharing Campbell’s desire to create a sense of community is junior mechanical engineering major Hayden Smith, of Lexington, Kentucky.

“I joined Delta because I was looking for a family of people who shared the same ideology as me,” Smith said. “I wanted people around me who were driven to succeed, develop and were willing to help others in that same goal instead of focusing all on their own personal success. The more people I meet in Delta Tau Delta, the more it seems that a community like that is on the horizon.”

Delta Tau Delta is partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and plans to bring awareness to diabetes. Many of the founding fathers believe the organization’s focus on diabetes will be beneficial for both the Greek life community and student body on campus.

Campbell feels a personal connection to the philanthropy in his personal and professional lives.

“Diabetes runs in my family; plus, I also kind of want to be a doctor,” Campbell said. “It’s interesting to me. I’m excited to help with the research to cure it.”

Another member who feels a deep connection to the philanthropy is junior public relations major Tj Estabrook, of Normal, Illinois.

“The fact that Delta Tau Delta is partnered with JDRF was a big part of inspiring me to join,” Estabrook said. “A lot of my family members have Type 1 diabetes, and it is something that runs throughout our family, so being able to get involved with that movement and that organization to volunteer and donate was really important to me.”

The new members have been getting to know one another and are excited about the future of their fraternity.

“The chapter is full of open-minded, caring individuals who are passionate about holding each other to the highest standard by reinforcing that we all have the potential to succeed in our own power,” Smith said. “But by standing in brotherhood, it makes achieving that success that much easier. It’s a beautiful environment to be a part of.”

For more information about Delta Tau Delta, visit the Kimmel Student Involvement Center's website.

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