In an attempt to make public transportation more straightforward and accessible, Madison County Transit has implemented not only new routes for students, but also agreed to host an app called Token Transit. These are valuable resources for any student, new or returning.

Many students are not aware of these changes or how MCT works as a whole. Public transportation is just one lifeline for students, and it’s possibly the most overlooked — especially for students who have a car.

Earlier this summer, we covered changes to bus routes. Prior to these changes, Cougar Shuttle (No. 17) made stops at Peck Hall and Cougar Village hourly. Now, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during weekdays, a student can expect a bus every ten minutes. Any student with a current Cougar ID can travel on campus for free.

It’s also important to note that buses are also available to students who live off-campus as well. Commuters in surrounding neighborhoods such as Esic or downtown Edwardsville have new stops available and can take the No. 22 to campus and save some gas.

There are a lot of numbers and facts, but MCT is not intended to be intimidating. They provide online resources for their stops, times and general questions. All this information can be found on their SIUE Ride Guide. 

The guide also lists places on campus where students may find pamphlets with all the relevant information. MCT even has the Token Transit app to make payment easier for passengers.

Token Transit allows users to select their fare with several options, including two-hour, seven-day or 30-day passes. Once a pass is purchased, it remains on the account and is readily available on the user’s phone. Students don’t have to worry about losing their tickets or money; it’s all in their device.

There are several options for fare, so students can decide which pass best meets their needs. The current fare offers on the app are as follows: Two-Hour All Routes for $3.00, Seven-Day All Routes for $20.00, 30-Day Local for $50.00 and 30-Day All Routes for $70.00. 

MCT has even expanded their times of service to include Sundays and school breaks to benefit student residents. This may seem very simple but it’s an important change. 

Resident students without cars now can still take trips to Walmart or even just off-campus to take a break — no matter the day.

MCT is available and useful to any SIUE student and regularly makes changes as needed, so it is highly suggested that students consider MCT an option. It may be confusing at first, but the hope is that these resources make student life a bit easier. 

Look into it, see if it’s a good option for you. Student life changes rapidly sometimes, so it’s better to know your options ahead of time. Remember to download the Token Transit app and check out the SIUE Ride Guide!

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