Allyson Bulinski

Each major comes with their own trials and tribulations. Not all majors are made equal, either. Sure, some may require more math, some may require more writing, but all university students face their own difficulties in their own specific regards.

Allyson Bulinski, junior nursing major of Springfield, Illinois, is passionate in her idea that all majors are equally challenging, and she wants other students to share this idea as well. 

Many students think certain majors are harder than others. Generally, most people see majors such as biomedical sciences and engineering as being the most challenging. However, junior nursing major Allyson Bulinski, of Springfield, Illinois, feels that students should have a more accepting perspective when it comes to judging other majors. 

Bulinski first became passionate about this topic when she was majoring in psychology. 

According to Bulinski, people would underestimate her studies and what her major actually does in the workforce. 

There are a lot of research-based projects in psychology as well as some math courses, including a statistics course, which Bulinski said was harder than the biology and chemistry courses she has had to take. 

“I’ve experienced a little bit of both [psychology and nursing], and I can say that they’re both difficult and I’ve had to study a lot, so it doesn’t really matter what I’m in; you still have to study for that subject,” Bulinski said. 

Bulinski found her passion for nursing when she was still a psychology major and worked as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home. This encouraged her to switch majors to nursing with a minor in psychology. 

Although Bulinski’s studies have been more science-based, she has had a well-rounded experience in school. Bulinski has taken classes ranging from math to science to art. Bulinski said the art classes she has taken have been challenging as well, which contradicted what she thought coming into college. 

After taking some art classes, though, Bulinski said she put the same amount of work into those classes as her other classes. This illustrated Bulinski’s point that every major has its easy and hard times. 

“I have friends in every single major and we all struggle, so I don’t think there’s one particular major that’s harder than others. I think they’re all hard in a way,” Bulinski said. 

According to Bulinski, she feels that majors cannot be judged based on the jobs people will get once they graduate or even the amount of hours students put into their studies, because some students that are in a “hard” major may study less than students in an “easy” major, which means that judging majors and their difficulties depends on the people that are in the majors themselves. The class load differs per person and how each individual deals with the stresses and studying load of each major is completely different.

“Honestly, it’s not the major—it’s the person,” Bulinski said. 

Bulinski wants everyone to understand that certain majors shouldn’t be considered harder or seen as above others—she feels that all majors are hard and should all be treated with the same respect because whether a major is hard or easy, the amount students have to put into their studies is what they should be judged on.

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