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Summertime is made for barbecuing, sitting by the pool or binging on the new season of “Stranger Things,” but it’s also made for great music and concerts.


Just this weekend, Hippo Campus headlined for Head and the Heart. The atmosphere mixed with the sweet sounds of the trumpet were the perfect match for a memorable summer night. 


Showcases, fairs, festivals and more.   Everyone likes their own set of music, and they want to be out dancing and listening to their favorite artists. With streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, finding new music and creating playlists is becoming a new love language for college students. 


So, here I have compiled a list of some of my favorites that should be enjoyed with a nice IPA and some friends:


1. ‘A Toast and a Spirit’ by Vacation Manor 

Released in 2016, this song on their ‘Girl, Say’ album is a nice melody to relax to. The chords, the lyrics and the overall message throws it back to memories of a high school romance. 


2. ‘Buttercup’ by Hippo Campus

This is an upbeat song with a heavier tone at the end is Buttercup. Much like most of their other music, trumpets and other instruments dominate the song — in a good way. This one is a get-up-and-dance, jump around kind of song, and I’m here for it. 


3. ‘July’ by HUNNY 

A little bit slower, and with a heavier synth sound, July sounds like something from Tame Impala mixed with maybe COIN or Colony House. 


4. ‘Talk Too Much’ by COIN

Imagine driving down 55 or 270, windows down, dog in the passenger seat, and this is the song to listen to. Talk Too Much is a song that deserves attention. 


5. ‘Fast in My Car’ by Paramore

This one is more alternative, and takes it right back to my sophomore year of high school. The angst is real, but so worth listening to. 


6. ‘You’re Somebody Else’ by Flora Cash

Flora Cash recently headlined for lovelytheband, and it was amazing. This duo has a stage presence that will give their audience chills. The melody, the passion and their obvious love for each other makes enjoying their music so much better.


7. ‘Stumblin’ Home’ by Smallpools

This song is fairly new, released last year. Smallpools has been great since 2015 and their music has only gotten better since then. The lyrics are a little repetitive, but the music is really what makes the song. The relatability, honesty and emotions are just the bow on top.


8. ‘Breaking Free’ by Night Riots

This song was released in 2017 and is a pretty chill song about a breakup and closure. Their sound is pretty similar to SWMRS, The Maine, Waterparks or Badflower. 


9. ‘Wake Up’ by Run River North

Within this song’s first week of being released, it already had 100,000 listens on Spotify. It starts off slow, but the speed picks up. A violin, clapping and some background noise offers a different approach to their traditional slower music. Their other song, ‘29,’ also offers a little bit of an alternative sound they are starting to move toward. 


10. ‘Nice Guy’ by courtship. 

My final recommendation is about life changes and how people grow as life happens. A sad message mixed with an electric feel makes it seem okay to feel that way — that it’s okay to feel a little lonely sometimes. 


These songs are just a few of the many songs of the summer. I spend way too much time giving my friends new music to listen to, scoping new releases and keeping up with smaller artists coming to town — so expect more playlists to come. Until then, feel free to follow the full playlist on Spotify. 


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