The Dungeons and Dragons Club has been around for four years. This year they plan to reach over 70 members and become one of the largest clubs on campus.

The club will take in anyone from experts in the game to people who just want to learn. 

Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop, pen and paper role-playing game is a fantasy game based around creating characters and campaigns with a group. With the help of a Dungeon Master, who runs the campaign, players fight enemies, interact with townspeople, and go on adventures.

“This brings people together; it’s a very personal experience, kind of leisure club along the lines of a video game club. You can still make friends in other clubs but you really get to know the people you play with,” secretary of the D&D Club and senior business major Quentin Topping said.

The club is accommodating on multiple levels particularly when it comes to scheduling.

Each member will become a part of a group of about five to eight members to run their own D&D campaign. Each group can pick their own meeting place, time and date.

According to D&D Club president and College of Arts and Sciences sophomore James Rogers, there are about 13 groups and they each meet throughout the week. Some of the groups meet off campus and even out of town. Rogers said that two to three rooms are reserved in the Engineering Building each Friday and Sunday. Rogers plans to expand the two days to a possible third as well. 

“If people need to reserve a room they just come to me. I already have a form filled out for one on Monday, so we will officially have three days. Most of the time people just play in their apartments. Just as long as people let me know where they’re playing, I don’t really care. We actually have one group that plays up in Troy at a comic book shop there,” Rogers said.

Most groups around campus grow due to advertising in the Morris University Center or events but according to D&D Club treasurer and engineering senior Briana Gage, that is not the case.

“This year, we really pushed to have more advertising and get the word [about the club] out more. We had people telling their friends and trying to spread the word a lot more,” Gage said.

Gage said they participated in the club fair where they gained interest. She also said the people that were interested at the fair told their friends and would bring up to eight people to the next meeting.

The club meets each Friday in the Engineering Building, Room 1150 at 6 p.m. 

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