It’s safe to say that the music Echosmith played at their concert is still echoing in my ears. 

The show was at Delmar Hall on April 15, sister venue to The Pageant, which is located next door. The location was perfect. The intimate feel of their music meshed with the atmosphere of the small space.

Jena Rose was the opening act for the show, but as cute as her outfit was, I’m not sure she was who I expected when I thought of an opener for Echosmith. Don’t get me wrong — the meaning behind her music is there. Take her song “Boy with the Balloon” for example; she wrote it about losing childhood friends. Her music is solid, but it just didn’t quite match the alternative, upbeat vibe the second and main acts gave.

Next up was The Score, who might be one of my new favorites. They’re like a mashup between Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. Oh yeah. They came out with their song “Who I am,” and finished with more well-known “Legends.” 

For being their first time in St. Louis, the crowd seemed to enjoy their sound.

The Score is made up of Eddie Anthony on guitar and Edan Dover on keyboard. The pair are originally from New York, but are now in Los Angeles, just like Sydney, Graham and Noah Sierotas of Echosmith.

The best part of watching all of these performers was their stage presence, but also seeing their relationships with each other play out. Obviously the Sierotas are close because they are siblings, which makes it easy to enjoy watching them play since they are enjoying it themselves.

The Sierota’s mom is their manager, so sometimes Sydney will ask the crowd to applaud her, or Noah will facetime someone while he is playing. 

They all had simple sets, but the outfits, outfit changes and personalities on stage made up for it. A lot of bands like to get crazy with decorations, but at the end of the day, it’s really about the music and the fans. 

Echosmith has songs like “Bright” and “Cool Kids” that are well known, but the song that really spoke to me was “Future Me.” The line “I’m already who I want to be tomorrow,” and for some reason I thought, “Wow. We always strive to be better, but the idea of being content with you are now is important, too.” 

Their songs are packed with meaning, and it shows when they perform them. The venue was perfect for their style of music.

I’ll be honest. When I walked into Delmar Hall around five minutes before the first act, I was disappointed with the crowd size. I was thinking, “Oh boy. What did I get myself into?” But by the time Echosmith came on, it seemed to fill up pretty quickly and I was ecstatic I left on such a high note. Regardless, I can’t complain because my brother and I got second row. 

The night was definitely one to remember, and it was hard to say goodbye. The band put on a great show, and for a great price. I would definitely see one of their shows a second time. 

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