The Headphone Jack

Have you ever listened to a new album with low expectations? That was my initial mindset when I began to listening to Cardi B’s debut album. Truthfully, I am just not a fan of her music. I wasn’t fond of “Bodak Yellow,” so, I went in expecting her album to be quite lackluster, but by the end, I was pleasantly surprised.


Someone has said that Cardi B is her own personal hype man, and that is definitely an accurate depiction of what “Invasion of Privacy” offers. She oozes confidence and fierceness all throughout this project, and you can’t help but feel confident along with her. It’s foul-mouthed in a way that is reminiscent of the Miami legend Trina.


Cardi B opens the album with a clear inspiration from Meek Mill’s “Dreams And Nightmares Intro” called “Get Up 10.” Cardi B is rapping along with piano, and as the beat intensifies, so do her raps. Although I am still not a fan of Cardi B’s delivery, it was definitely an electrifying opener. It is one of those songs where you want to study the lyrics so you know every single word for the next function.


The star on this album, for me, is “Bickenhead,” which pays homage to the classic Project Pat “Chickenhead.” Cardi B definitely takes this song and makes it her own. It is such an addictive song, and it throws all censorship out the window. The lyrics are filthy, and raunchy, but I absolutely love it. It’s the most comfortable sound I’ve heard from Cardi B’s raps.


There are still some songs on “Invasion of Privacy” that I felt were awkward, mostly due to Cardi B’s delivery and her attempted singing. Her tracks “Be Careful” and “Thru Your Phone” suffer from her singing.


There are times when she gets into a pocket where she starts rapping off beat, and it throws off the whole song. She has the necessary energy to get people hyped, but she closed in on her delivery and found her pocket within the beat, it would make some of these songs a so much better.


If you go into this album expecting lyrical prowess, you are going to be disappointed. She is not a Jean Grae or Rapsody, but she does not have to be. When I step back and take this album for what it is, it is an extremely fun listen. Nothing more, nothing less. Cardi B has a lot of charisma that most artists do not have. Even people who, like myself, are not fond of this particular style of music, can actually take it for what it is and vibe with it.


Cardi B completely debunked the myth that she is a one-hit wonder and proved to everyone who doubted her that she is here to stay. While I doubt that I will listen to this album straight through again, I can say that it is way better that I expected it to be. Even though she came from social media all the way to superstardom in a matter of a few years, like it or not, you have to give her some credit. Her career can only go up from here.


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