Sacred geometry and sound workshop claim to impact health of students

On Saturday, Jan. 11 students experienced a soundbath and were healed with Himalayan singing bowls at the Fuller dome, in a “sacred geometry and sacred sound” workshop held by sound therapy organization SVOUND.

This workshop was run by Lisa Grezlak, a sound vibrational therapist who started SVOUND in 2017. She said the workshop went well. 

“It was amazing. Considering the fact that it was snowing that night where everybody was cancelling— nobody cancelled, everybody showed up, it was like 40 people. That was max capacity,” Grezlak said. 

She also pointed out those who couldn’t make it had been very interested in the idea of her doing another on campus soon. 

“People want me to come back. They reach out to me and say ‘oh I wanna come again.’ A lot of people couldn’t make it and asked ‘are you gonna have another one?’” Grezlak said.

During the workshop, one of the main focuses was on the Fuller dome itself and Richard Buckminster Fuller’s intentions when creating it. She said Fuller had sacred geometry in mind when designing the dome. 

“Mr. Fuller was kind of like the DaVinci of our modern-day times, and DaVinci was always very into the sacred sound and sacred geometry,” Grezlak said. 

At the event, Benjamin Lowder, a creative consultant for the dome, spoke on Fuller’s connection to these practices as well.  

According to Grezlak, Sound therapy involves many different techniques and practices that are all utilized to affect the vibrations of a person’s body. She claims that a person’s vibration frequency affects how they feel mentally and physically. 

“Everything in the world exists based on vibration,” Grezlak said. “When we as human beings are vibrating the way we’re supposed to be, like on this planet, Earth, the Earth is a huge energy battery for us. We should be resonating with Earth’s energy, we should be resonating with Earth’s frequencies, and healthy high-level frequencies equal that of joy, happiness, and peace.” 

Sophomore social work major Yolande Scholler of Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the president of a club called Mantra at SIUE, a club that specializes in what she considers a similar form of sound mediation. Scholler explained that the origins of sound mediation date back to a collection of ancient religious texts from India. 

“The Vedas are ancient scriptures originating from India. In those scriptures it is said that in this particular age mantra meditation is the most beneficial because it leads to self-relaxation. We can see that around us it’s picking up in groups where people practice this type of meditation,” Scholler said. 

Grezlak said she believes sound mediation can be used to treat real illnesses as an alternative to modern medicine. She said she’s worked with clients who have cancer, partial deafness and blindness, and auto-immune deficiencies, and that they have all experienced some form of  healing with her techniques.  

“I’ve worked on clinically diagnosed patients … all of them have had some kind of healing take place. With stage four cancer, it’s the only thing that the people that I have worked with have said gave them relief,” Grazlak said.

Junior art history major Kait Baker, of Washington, Illinois, practices meditation more casually than Grezlak and Scholler. She didn’t agree with the claims that meditation could be used to heal people with serious diseases.

“That’s the one place I have issues, because while it may be comforting or emotionally healing, I don’t believe that stuff can be physically healing at all. You need to go to a doctor for that,” Baker said.  

Students interested in meditation can head to SVOUND’s next event at the dome in which is planned for April, or they can check out the mantra club at

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