When I was in middle school I listened to New Found Glory for the first time.  I thought the band had the most hardcore sound ever and I credited them for catapulting me into a romance with rock n’ roll.

Now, just like their current Pop Punk’s Not Dead tour says, New Found Glory isn’t necessarily what most people would think of when they think rock n’ roll, but their punk-rock consistency is enough to give them a solid spot in the genre.

NFG brought four openers with them.  Set Your Goals took the stage right before them and The Wonder Years preceded SYG.  I saw The Wonder Years at Warped Tour over the summer and since then I have grown to like their sound.  Their high-energy set got a crowd of diehard TWY fans moshing and crowd surfing.  At that point I saw four or five people get thrown out.  The Pageant is definitely great at sticking to their rules.

As for the music, I thought each opener meshed well with the pop-punk theme of the show.  New Found Glory premiered a few tracks off of their most recent album “Radiosurgery” but I must say I prefer their old school days.

Fortunately, they played NFG classics like “All Downhill From Here” and “My Friends Over You” so I was happy.  The band didn’t draw a huge crowd, but attendees had enough energy to make it feel like a packed house.  My trip down music memory lane was everything I expected it to be and I walked away content and a few steps closing to deafness.


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