My most recent concert adventure occurred Saturday (the 22nd) and I must say it was probably one of the most unique concert experiences I’ve had.  Funk-rock band Here Come the Mummies headlined the show and brought with them an opening burlesque act.  A side note about burlesque: I’ve been 20 now for a little over week and Saturday was the second time I have seen burlesque since by birthday.  I’m starting to feel like an expert.

Fortunately, the burlesque act was very unique and quite entertaining.  It was also enjoyable to see old men approach the stage slyly from the side with a camera while I’m sure their bitter wives sit back shaking their heads.

But this blog is about music.

Here Come the Mummies sounded just as good live as they do on their records.  Their use of instruments like trumpet, saxophone and keytar made for a delightfully unique musical experience.  Combine that with their notorious innuendo and the crowd was dancing and laughing the whole time.

Although the crowd was probably the smallest I’ve ever seen at the Pageant, diehard fans did not disappoint with everything from homemade mummy costumes to merchandise that was purchased next door at Suite 100.

Before the concert, I had not listened to their music extensively, but as soon as I got home I went on iTunes and updated my library with a few of my favorite tracks from the night.  Even though I was a bit skeptical going in to the show (I always am when I’m seeing a band I haven’t listened to very much, especially when that band is wearing mummy costumes), I was more than glad that I got to experience it.  And yes, they do wear their mummy outfits the entire show.

One of my favorite songs of the night was their opener “Believe (In Things You Cannot See).” The song is the perfect combination of funk, rock and catchy pop.  Check a piece of it out here:

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