Online discount apparel shopping part 3:

In my opinion, this site is a dud. It’s worth mentioning so no one wastes too much time browsing I have never ordered from this place because no matter how many times I bring myself to check it, I can never find anything I would ever wear.

What makes it great

This section will be pretty short. The first great thing is of course the prices. Pretty much everything is under $20. And along with price, they offer a flat rate shipping, but that is only being offered for a limited time.

Next, what you’re getting is name brand items at a reduced rate. If a label is important to you, then this website may not be a waste of your time.

The website is really clean and easy to navigate. It’s absolutely intuitive, which means if you do waste your time here, you won’t have to waste too much because of how easy it is to click through each clothing category.

What makes it bad

First, the selection is terrible. There is even less than And, I have never quite found anything that’s worth the price. The selection is so bad, I got a “we’re sorry message under the hat section.”

While is inexpensive, the prices are still higher than or, and none of the clothes are anything that tempting.

So far, and even the shady offer user reviews so you can get a little bit of a warning about your potential order. This site doesn’t have that feature. I’m a savvy shopper, and I don’t want to invest unless I have some idea of what I’m getting myself into, and with this site, I’m left I the dark.

The verdict

It’s not a bad website, and it is a legitimate place to shop for clothes. I’ve seen so many good online reviews about the quality, layout and value. Their selection is small enough to make me forget that it even exists.

Don’t rule out shopping here, but don’t make it your first online stop when 10dollarmall has better savings and better options.   

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