BLOG: ‘This is Us’ inspires soul searching to find out  who are you

If you haven’t heard of the TV series “This is Us,” you have to be living under a rock. You should probably clear the next 18 hours of your schedule so you can finish the first season because you won’t be able to stop after just one episode.

“This is Us” is a deadly threat to any other TV series in existence because it might just take the title of the best show of all time. This series is unlike any I have ever seen, and you better have tissues on hand for every episode.

What makes this show so great is the fact that it challenges you as a person. It makes you confront things you never knew you needed to. “This is Us” takes its viewers on a whirlwind journey dealing with love, loss, regret, forgiveness and family.

The show follows the lives of a not-so-ordinary family and their struggles. Within the first three episodes, everything you think you know about the series completely changes. The characters battle many obstacles and have to confront their biggest fears over the course of the first season, and life only gets more challenging as the plot thickens.

“This is Us” shows its viewers a family that is nowhere near perfect, but sticks by one another despite personal flaws. It truly makes you question when to fight your battles and when to forgive people who have wronged out. It makes you want to hold your loved ones a little tighter and hug them a little longer.

I wouldn't say there's a specific demographic that would particularly enjoy this show, because I genuinely believe that anybody who gives this show a chance will love it. The first season has already aired on NBC, but you can find this show OnDemand, on Hulu or Amazon Prime.


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