You’ve raided for all it has to offer this week, and your hunger for trendy fashions at affordable prices has not yet been satisfied. Perhaps you’ve considered going international with

What makes it great

What makes this site more tempting than is its selection. Instead of searching through close-out clothing in hopes of finding something still in style, you’ll be browsing through an impressive and very inexpensive collection of women’s and men’s apparel.

Just like, you can read user reviews. Some users even post pictures or videos explaining what they liked or didn’t like about the product. There’s an incentive for these users to post reviews; Sammydress offers points for reviews, more points for reviews containing pictures and even more points for reviews that have video. These points are then used as store credit for future purchases.

If you’re worried about fit when ordering clothing online, this website lists the measurements of most of its clothing and has a size chart. Your best bet is to measure yourself and then compare it to their size chart. It’s more accurate than just ordering a “small” or “medium” and hoping it fits right.

What makes it bad

The first thing you might ask yourself when browsing is, “how are the prices so low if it’s not close-out?” It’s because the clothing is coming from China and many pieces are knock-offs. As a broke college student, I have no issue buying knock-offs. If it’s cute, fits and is in the budget, it goes into the shopping cart.

Shipping from China was more of a concern for me. Not only does shipping increase your purchase price, it takes forever to arrive. So far, I have ordered only one thing from this site. It didn’t take quite a month to receive this dress, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering from Sammy Dress if you’re in a rush. 

I’ve seen other reviews where people never receive their product or a refund. Due to some reports of bad experiences, I suggest not ordering in bulk from this website if you order at all. It’s one thing to lose $15 or less, it’s another to lose over $100.

Another downside to the site is that knock-offs mean you won’t get exactly what is pictured. Unfortunately the dress I received was not what was advertised. In close up views, the dress shown on their site is dripping with beads and rhinestones at the bottom. Mine only had a few.

You get what you pay for and I can’t complain too much about that because the dress I received was still worth the price.

The last really disappointing thing about my purchase is the smell. The dress stunk like mildew. I had to Febreze it like crazy and let it air out for a while. Once again, if you’re in a hurry to wear what you buy, do not order from this website.

The verdict

My final thoughts about whether or not to order from are mixed. I was fortunate and received my product; though, there were some hitches.

While I have had no bad experiences so far from this site, I have seen other reviews where people are concerned about site security and the safety of their credit card information. Sammy Dress is the quintessential “Buyer Beware” website.

I also want to warn you about, and any other international discount site. The two mentioned have bad online reviews. Keep your eyes pealed and do your research before ordering from places like this.

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