Fans witnessed history as Floyd Mayweather faced Conor McGregor, scheduled for 12 rounds of undisputed boxing, but ended in a 10th round knockout by Mayweather.

To win this fight McGregor’s only chance was by KO in the first five rounds. McGregor came out swinging in the first three to four rounds and not just throwing crazy punches, but by connecting on solid jabs, hooks, and some punishing uppercuts. McGregor landed 111 punches on Mayweather, 31 more punches than Manny Pacquiao, and six less than Mexican superstar Saul Alavarez.

McGregor was out of his element, especially conditioning wise. McGregor is used to fighting five rounds at the very least — preparing for 12 rounds was a whole new beast. Starting around round 7 or 8, fans could see a very fatigued McGregor. Hiis punches had much less sting behind them, his hands were down instead of in a defensive position, and the worst sign — McGregor was stumbling on his own feet, while Mayweather was more than ready for a 12-round war.

Mayweather showed why he is a great boxer. Mayweather ate a lot of punches in the first round, which is rare because of his defensive style but after the third round Mayweather started showing his champion-style, by showing his ability to dodge and weave. He showed his exceptional cardio by landing quick and lethal combinations.

Mayweather said before the fight he couldn’t be as defensive as he usually is, but had to be in attack mode. Mayweather won every round after round three, using his ability to land not only more punches, but to land the more powerful punches. Boxers tend to throw more straight shots than MMA fighters who come in at an angle with their hands. With that said, Floyd began unleashing straight shots to McGregor’s face until they became too much to handle.

Both men walked away rich and are competitors in their respective sports, but when it comes to the boxing ring, that will always belong to Mayweather. The octagon is McGregor’s, but together, they exceeded expectations and showed the resilience to fight.


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Holly Whited

Initially, I was a fan of Conor McGregor and watched the match and followed the opinions on Of course, I thought that the fight would end sooner, even surprised that it lasted longer. However, everyone liked the show

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