BLOG: Best childhood holiday specials

I am in the minority of people who don’t care for Christmas music. When Christmas time comes around, I am usually looking forward the holiday television specials that bring me back to a time in my childhood. I remember watching all of these specials while writing my Christmas list and eagerly awaiting Christmas time. With that being said, I decided to compile my favorite cartoon holiday specials.


1.   “Arnold’s Christmas”

Talk about a tear jerker. It was absolutely unnecessary for a cartoon episode to be this sad and moving. Arnold made it his mission to try and find Mr. Hyunh’s daughter after he had to give her up for a war in his country in an attempt to give her a better life. He had not seen her since she was a baby and only moved to the city because he thought he’d be able to find her. When Arnold thought he failed to find her, surprisingly, Helga helped him by getting Mr. Bailey to find her for him. This episode chokes me up every single time because even though this is supposed to be geared toward kids, it still was moving enough for me to have a better understanding when I grew up.

2.   “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

Ever since I was a kid, my brother, my mom and I have watched this together every year. It became sort of a tradition. It is a pretty funny special with a song that can get stuck in your head for hours. This is an absolute staple for me and I love watching it every year not only because it is funny, but also because it brings me and my family together.

4.   “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

This is an absolute classic. It wouldn’t be Christmas without this special. The animation is distinct, the song is catchy and the message is clear. This special can bring older generations and younger generations together because it almost 50 years old. It has spawned movies and spinoffs, but nothing can compare to the 30 minute special.

5.   “Christmas Who?”

I remember when this episode premiered. I had to be about four years years old, but this Christmas special became necessary as a I grew up. I would watch it every single year just to get me in the Christmas mood. It is funny, and the live-action Santa at the end of the episode makes me laugh every single time.


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