Online discount apparel shopping part 4:

By now you have a good list running of online sources for affordable clothing, and you know the places that are either a waste of time or a potential risk to your security. There is one last place you should add to your list, and that’s

After this review, I shall move on to reviewing new things, or show some quick do-it-yourself projects that give your tattered, old clothes a new look.

What makes it great has a decent selection of closeout items, from places like Charlotte Russe. Once again, that means you’re getting the stuff that wasn’t sold at stores, but if you spend some time browsing, you’re sure to find a few great items to load into your basket.

The prices here are great, considering what you’re getting. I recently purchased a faux, leather jacket, which was about one-third the price of comparable items shown on Charlotte Russe’s site, and even after shipping, it was still only half the price.

The reviews from this site were also really helpful. Before I purchased the jacket, I knew that it ran small, and was able to make a better size decision based on that.

And, what was an added surprise with my order was a new Shick Quattro razor that the company decided to add in. I could always use a new one, and being that I’m a broke college student, the freer, the better.

What makes it bad

There is no price cap on this site, while you know that is going to have items listed for $10 or less, this site has items running slightly higher than that. It’s still not bad, considering there are some decent choices, and it supplements what you couldn’t find on some of the other discount sites.

Of course shipping is the same problem across the board with all online discount sites. It’s just something you need to remember before smiling at a low rate. With my purchase, shipping didn’t tip the scale too much, and my jacket arrived within a week.

Just like, the selection is limited, but as I mentioned, you’ll find a few things here and there. The bonus about a limited selection, is it keeps you from going on a giant shopping haul.

The verdict

At this point, this site and are the only trusted places where you won’t waste too much time searching. You’ll get what you ordered on time and won’t be disappointed over the value you receive.

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