Online discount apparel shopping part 1:

Discount clothing sites are starting to emerge all over the Internet, and in this economy, some of us are easily tempted by the deals they offer. But, before clicking “check out,” it’s important to know whether or not you’re buying from a legitimate website, or being scammed.

What makes it great is the first online store I’ve purchased from, and I have made multiple purchases since. I have a few issues with the site, but overall, I trust it enough to return over and over again.

The price is excellent since nothing is over $10. Shipping is incredibly fast. Another perk is that beyond clothing, they also sell shoes, accessories, swimwear, lingerie, bags and so much more. It’s easy to browse the site in search of one particular item, only to find yourself looking at everything else.

Another added bonus is their user reviews. User feedback is the best indication about the possible quality, fit, advantages or disadvantages. 

What makes it bad

10dollarmall’s biggest downside is fit. Because there is no ability to try before you buy, you run the risk of something you’ve ordered not fitting. I’ve ordered a blazer that was listed as a small, and ended up swimming in it. It’s of no use to me and will probably see its way to Goodwill very soon. This is definitely an area where user reviews are helpful. Read them before making a purchase. Some will tell you, “It runs small. So order the next size up.” I’ve taken this advice before when making a purchase, and I am so thankful I did. Ultimately, with the fit, it’s important to remember that you’re only out, at most, $10 plus shipping. I’ll place an order any time I feel the gamble is worth it.

screenshot of 10dollarmall

Screenshot of

The selection is the next disappointing thing. 10dollarmall is a closeout website. They buy products mall stores couldn’t sell. The problem with that is you’re searching through all the rejects in hopes of finding something good. You will find good stuff, and you will end up throwing four or five things in your wishlist or shopping cart before you leave the site, but you will spend a long time searching for stuff you want. 

Shipping always becomes the hidden fee we forget about. The cost depends on your order and how fast you want it delivered, but expect your purchase to increase by plus or minus $5. It’s still better than spending $30 on a pair of jeans at the mall.

The verdict

Even with shipping and a low selection, this discount website is a safe bet. You know you will receive the items you purchased, they will be as pictured and they will arrive within a reasonable amount of time. Other sites on the Internet are not so promising.  

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