Trying to Find Our Way

I don’t watch a lot of television because reality television makes me cringe and my heart breaks into pieces when my favorite person is voted off “The Voice.” So, it was to my surprise when I found myself sitting down and watching “America’s Got Talent” in my living room a while ago. 

At first, I was annoyed because there were people who shouldn’t have passed the preliminary rounds. I found myself thinking, “this is exactly why I don’t watch television.”

I thought this until 12-year-old Grace Vanderwaal walked on stage with her ukulele and impeccable voice. Although this little girl had an amazing voice, that wasn’t what left me with tear-filled eyes at the end of her performance. 

My blurred vision came from her meaningful, original lyrics that she spewing from her lips with such passion.

A 12-year-old wrote a song about not following the expectations of those around her and being lost because of it. However, at the end of the song it is clear she became more confident with the different path life is taking her, and became whether or not she knows who she is, she is just a girl trying to make it through the difficulties that come with her age

Even though I have watched this video countless times and showed it to all my friends and family, it still makes me choke up.

How could a 12-year-old girl relate to me?

Surely, if she is relating to me, she is relating to others as well.

Her lyrics “I now know my name. I don't play by the rules of the game. So you say, I'm not trying, But I'm trying to find my way,” simply speak to me.

It is on a rare occasion I am fully understood, so I relate to Grace on a personal level. I don’t always take the easy or right way. I don’t always get it right, even when I try so hard. I am difficult, so difficult. I am a free-spirit with anxiety. I am bold personality with a compassionate heart. And most frequently, the one that makes people misunderstand me the most is I frequently take the path less traveled.

However, as complicated as I am, and as much as I relate to Grace personally, I think everyone can relate on some level.

We are all just trying to get through. We are all just trying to find our way in a world of high expectations and double standards.

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