Mariah Carey in 'All I Want for Christmas'

 If you are like me, the holiday cheer is already in full bloom. Now, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but since I don’t really celebrate the belly stuffing holiday, I move onto the next best one: Christmas!

To get into the festive spirit, I tend to listen to a variety of songs that center around tree trimming, present wrapping, decorating and overall yuletide glee.
So, if you are decorating in bright reds and greens in the coming days, let me give you a few song recommendations to make the experience even that much more enjoyable.
A definite must that should be at the top of your playlist is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Everyone’s heard the iconic song and don’t lie, you always jam out and try to hit that high note the singer slays every time. Personally, my family and I love this song and we play it every year at our annual Christmas party.

I love modern twists on Christmas classics and if you do too, you’ll enjoy Pentatonix’s “Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Winter Wonderland is a classic holiday tune that I remember from my childhood, so having an a capella group give it a new sound makes me love it even more. With this song on repeat, signing my Christmas cards won’t be such a chore.

Any holiday song that’s sung by Michael Buble is always amazing, but the ultimate one has to be “Holly Jolly Christmas”. You can’t deny that his voice could melt the frosting off any snowflake cookie and this song is no exception. I personally listen to this song to get myself into the cheerful season and it is my ringtone from November until the tail end of December.

Going back a few years, an oldie that should always be remembered is *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”. Not only is the song so catchy that you just can’t help but to dance along a bit, but the message of giving back and coming together for the holidays and spreading that love and cheer is an important message to remember as everyone celebrates this season.

My ultimate favorite, even though it may seem childish, is Josh Groban’s “Believe” from the movie Polar Express. This song depicts the overall center of the season — believing.The lyrics encourage you to believe the magic that surrounds the legends and lore, the people who partake in festive activities, togetherness of family and friends and giving back to those who need it most.

Whatever you listen to, to get yourself into the holly jolly mood and enjoy it to the fullest to help spread that holiday cheer!

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Ellie Darker

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