‘Curse of Chucky’ plays nice in sixth installment, returns to original horror

He’s 2 feet tall, has bright red hair and loves to play… with knives. Chucky returns to torment another family in the sixth installment in the series, and this time director Don Mancini, who created the story, brings the audience back to the genuinely terrifying horror produced in the original “Child’s Play.”

While the humor in “Curse of Chucky” is present, refuting the overwhelming silliness in the two films prior to this one, “Bride of Chucky” and “Seed of Chucky,” it’s clear that the return to the wicked and foul nature of this doll’s antics was the desired goal. I personally think this film hit the nail on the head and succeeded in the revival of the greatest murderous doll in film history.

Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky, still possessed by the criminal Charles Lee Ray. Dourif’s daughter steals the show playing Nica (Fiona Dourif), a wheelchair-bound woman who is joined by her family after the sudden death of her mother. Nica receives a mysterious package that holds none other than the overall-wearing psychopath, and with a house full of people, the film moves quickly into the bloodbath we all expect from Chucky.

There’s a subtlety with set, costumes and special effects in this film that wasn’t exactly done in the two previous films, and with that there is more of a focus on the characters rather than the elaborately gory ways to kill someone. Although the murders by Chucky were very interesting, it’s the patience Chucky has in this film that makes the murders more terrifying. It’s clear Mancini wants the audience to feel the sheer terror they felt when they watched “Child’s Play” and “Child’s Play 2” and had no clue when Chucky was going to strike, or even better, where the doll is even at in the house.

The acting in this film was slightly above average; however, I did find the characters in this film enjoyable. It was also exciting to see the background of Charles Lee Ray come to life and what led him to become a plastic doll from hell. The twists and turns in this film acknowledge each film in the series, even the two previous films that were slightly more comedic than horrifying. Questions are answered and old characters from earlier films make appearances in this film enough to please those who are devout fans of the series.

I had high expectations for this film, and I can honestly say that I think they were met in the sincerest form. With little advertisement done for a film that went straight to video, I was surprised that I didn’t see more reviews for the film. Nevertheless, after the sixth installment, I can see where it would be a bit much for audiences to keep up. However, Mancini stayed true to the story and brought back our favorite plaything, who has been tormenting souls since 1988.

If you haven’t seen any of the other films in this series, I’d advise you to watch them. Some may be more campy than others, some creepier and some funnier, but watch the five films before you set your eyes on this one. I have been watching horror films for 15 years so I know a scary movie when I see one. I did have moments with “Curse of Chucky” where I jumped or screamed aloud. I was surprised how eerie this film turned out to be.

TIP: Also, if you buy the DVD, watch the unrated version, and when you get to the end, watch all the credits because you get an incredibly satisfying surprise scene at the end of the credits. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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