Recent email notices distributed by the Department of Theater and Dance warned students against using the dance studios in Dunham Hall for non-dance activities. The notices cited a specific instance in which paint and mud were left on the floor of one of the studios. 

While The Alestle was told the incident did not result in any permanent damage to the studio, SIUE Chief of Police Kevin Schmoll said there are security measures in place to reduce the frequency of such instances, such as limiting access to buildings during non-school hours.

According to Schmoll, most of the classroom buildings close at 11 p.m. on weekdays, soon after the final classes of the day end, and are locked down by Facilities Management. Schmoll also said these hours have been in place for years but have been adjusted on numerous occasions to address changing student needs.

SIUE Police enforce these closing times by completing rounds within the buildings and informing anyone remaining that the building is about to close, according to Schmoll.

“Before [a building] is locked down, an officer will go in there and walk through the floors to make sure everyone’s cleared out and usually walk some of the staff out to their vehicles as well,” Schmoll said.

Once a building is closed, SIUE Police still monitor it throughout the night to ensure unauthorized individuals do not have access, according to Schmoll.

“We still do patrols,” Schmoll said. “We walk the buildings even at night when they’re locked down.”

Campus buildings that stay open later for student use include Lovejoy Library, the Morris University Center and the Student Success Center. While the library currently closes at 1 a.m. and the MUC closes at midnight on weeknights, students can expect to see extended hours for each building return during finals week. 

The SSC, meanwhile, is accessible to students 24 hours a day using a Cougar Card.

Nicholas Misiak, a building service worker who works in the MUC, said he believes having and enforcing a closing time has been an effective security measure.

“The SSC is different because it’s 24 hours, but here [in the MUC] there’s a time when people have to leave, so I don’t see [security] as being too big of a problem,” Misiak said. 

Misiak also said building service workers such as himself who work past the closing times of these buildings would notify police of anything suspicious, which also increases security.

“There’s enough personnel that if we see anything we can call the police,” Misiak said. “And if we call the police, they’re here in like five to 10 minutes.”

Freshman history major Lizzy Newman, of Rochester, Illinois, also said she does not worry about campus security on a regular basis.

“Normally, I try to be back at my dorm before dark, but obviously with winter that’s a little more difficult,” Newman said. “[Security] is only a concern when I’m out late. It’s not something I think about too much.”

For more information on building hours, visit Individuals with security questions can contact the SIUE Police Department at its non-emergency number 618-650-3324.

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